In summer 2016 I was contacted by Modulus Quartet, a string quartet who play music by contemporary composers. They were organising a launch concert at The Brunel Museum and invited me to create abstract visuals to go with their performance of The Golden Road by composer Eliot Lloyd Short.

As Short explains:
“The overall concept is that life is strewn with moments of enlightenment that we either choose to embrace or ignore. That these moments can be of great joy or intense tragedy or anything in between. However each moment feels to us, each one shapes who we are as an individual and each life can be mapped as a kind of golden road of these illuminated moments.”

The visuals would be projected above the musicians on the concrete wall of the Shaft, the museum’s underground cylindrical space, originally dug as part of a tunnel under the Thames designed by Isembard Kingdom Brunel. With this in mind, I designed a sequence of glowing, animated murals which would illustrate the three pieces which made up The Golden Road suite.

The concert was later repeated at the museum along with performances at Zigfrid von Underbelly in Hoxton and Worth Abbey in Sussex. I am on tour with Modulus Quartet in the summer of 2017, detailed here:

Composer Eliot Lloyd Short | Performed by Modulus Quartet: Jonathan Truscott, Craig Stratton, Mircea Belei, Nick Allen