My first collaboration with composing/directing duo Efthymiou, Parting was a multidisciplinary performance premiered at Kings Place, London in 2014 and funded by Arts Council England. The show was thoroughly researched with NHS clinical psychologist Dr. Vaughan Bell in order to recreate the experience of delusion and hallucination for the audience. We achieved this with a large creative team involving a dancer, musicians, vocalists and actors planted among the audience.

I designed three sequences to be projected in mid air above solo violinist Ian Gibbs, who was accompanied by electronic music and recorded speech. Working from the case study of a woman suffering from delusions, I portrayed her slow journey into her own interior world by combining a few techniques including stop-motion animation, rotoscoping graphics onto video and collaging text.

Above is my sequence for the third piece, Psychophonic.

“Visceral string music, evocative films, and sinewy choreography combine to create illusions by turn nightmarish and enchanting”
Helen Wallace, Kings Place Magazine, 2014

Composers Litha & Effy Efthymiou | Projection design Tom Brown Violinist Iain Gibbs Documentary video Grizzly Films